Hi! My name is Emili Parreño and I'm a freelance based in Girona, a small and beautiful city near Barcelona (Spain). I work as a Ruby on Rails developer, consultant and trainer at ProRuby.

I'm a Ruby on Rails Core Contributor and a regular contributor to Rails Guides. I also contributed to other Open Source projects, and created some others.

I'm co-founder of ProRuby (the most stylish Ruby team all around the world ;), Spain.rb, Girona on Rails local group and Spanish Ruby Users Group, which organized the European Ruby Conference 2009 (EuRuKo 2009) held in Barcelona. I also have experience as college professor, mentoring programming teams and as speaker at Ruby and Rails conferences and local groups.

If you are looking for a senior Ruby on Rails developer, consultant, trainer or QA & Test guy, feel free to contact me at emili@eparreno.com, I'm very friendly :)